CASA in a nutshell

Welcome to CASA – your home for cutting-edge IT security research in Germany and beyond. Innovative and Holistic: We aim to develop strong countermeasures against powerful cyber more

Research Highlights

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CASA’s holistic approach is internationally unique and holds the potential for groundbreaking results. The cluster will serve as a blueprint for security research, combining top-level science, interdisciplinarity and more


Our outstanding PI team covers the full range needed for tackling the challenging research problems in modern cyber more

Research Hub A:
Future Cryptography

Our goal is to develop cryptographic solutions against large-scale more

Research Hub B:
Embedded Security

We will investigate the interaction of security systems with their physical more

Research Hub C:
Secure Systems

We will build secure systems, design mitigation chains and utilize machine learning techniques to detect unknown more

Research Hub D:

We will focus on end-user behavior and the systems engineering process to integrate human behavior and technical security more

"CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries"

"CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries" pursues the goal of enabling sustainable security against large-scale adversaries, in particular nation-state attackers.

The research is characterized by a strongly interdisciplinary approach which, in addition to technical questions, also investigates the interaction of human behavior and IT security.

The scientific core of CASA is formed by four Research Hubs. The Future Cryptography Hub investigates crucial foundational problems and the Embedded Security Hub addresses platform security challenges in the context of powerful attackers. The Secure Systems Hub will provide solutions for building complex systems in a secure fashion. Finally, the research in the Usability Hub will address the challenge of making the research in the three technical hubs usable for humans.

The Transfer Lab will investigate the integration of the security solutions from the Research Hubs into real-world applications in a truly meaningful manner.

DFG publishes call for proposals for Clusters of Excellence within the Excellence Strategy

Draft proposal for "CASA" submitted

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First idea for an EXC application by the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security

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Funding decision: CASA becomes Cluster of Excellence

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