"CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries"

"CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries" pursues the goal of enabling sustainable security against large-scale adversaries, in particular nation-state attackers.

The research is characterized by a strongly interdisciplinary approach which, in addition to technical questions, also investigates the interaction of human behavior and IT security.

The scientific core of CASA is formed by four Research Hubs. The Future Cryptography Hub investigates crucial foundational problems and the Embedded Security Hub addresses platform security challenges in the context of powerful attackers. The Secure Systems Hub will provide solutions for building complex systems in a secure fashion. Finally, the research in the Usability Hub will address the challenge of making the research in the three technical hubs usable for humans.

The Transfer Lab will investigate the integration of the security solutions from the Research Hubs into real-world applications in a truly meaningful manner.

CASA Highlights

First planning meeting with RUB 

Draft proposal for "CASA" submitted

Full proposal CASA is submitted 

Start of the Cluster of Excellence

CASA regulation adopted
Start of 6 CASA Fundamental Research Projects 

Grand opening of the Cluster of Excellence 

Best Paper Award for Amir Moradi at CHES for "Glitch-Resistant Masking Revisited"

First place in CSAW competition for Jörg Schwenk

Numerous CASA members in the final of the NIST standardization process for post-quantum cryptography

First Mid-Term Reviews of CASA Research Projects

CASA Online-Retreat for PhDs and Postdocs

CASA Early Career Researchers at Full Strength: Target of 40 Phds and Postdocs Reached

Amir Moradi set a record in the history of the CHES conference - co-authoring of 10 accepted papers

The Art-Science residency RE:SEARCHING IT-SECURITY begins

Minister of Culture and Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen visits HGI and CASA as part of her research trip "#Möglichmacher"

Prof. Eike Kiltz receives ERC Advanced Grant
Prof. Thorsten Holz and Prof. Konrad Rieck receive ERC Consolidator Grants
ERC Starting Grant for Prof. Michael Walter
Closing Event of the Art-Science Residency "RE:SEARCHING IT SECURITY"

CASA researchers win global NIST standardization process on post-quantum cryptography

Lucas David receives ERC Starting Grant

CASA Retreat 2022

Publication of the first CASA comic book about the research of Research Hub C

Funding for new Emmy Noether group headed by Dr. Pascal Sasdrich
Publication of our CASA comic book about the research of Research Hub A
M. Angela Sasse is a new member of the Leopoldina

Festive Opening of the CASA-Artwork DIS/PLAY

CASA Summer School 2023 on Software Security

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First idea for an EXC application by the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security

DFG publishes call for proposals for Clusters of Excellence within the Excellence Strategy

CASA is invited to submit full proposal 

Funding decision: CASA becomes Cluster of Excellence

CASA Initial Research Projects begin

Start of 6 CASA Fundamental Research Projects 

Start of the regularly held CASA Distinguished Lectures
Christof Paar becomes new member of the Leopoldina

First 3-day CASA Retreat

Intel's "Outstanding Researcher Award" for Thorsten Holz

First Strategy Meeting With the CASA Advisory Board

Admission of Angela Sasse to the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

Organization of the first international "Women in Security and Cryptography" Workshop

CASA Retreat 2021

The paper "Faster Addition and Doubling on Elliptic Curves" by the CASA PIs Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange is awarded the IACR Test-of-Time Award 2022

CASA Summer School on Blockchain Security

Amir Moradi contributed 8 papers to CHES.

Distinguished Paper Awards for Konrad Rieck and Thorsten Holz (USENIX) and Alena Naiakshina (SOUPS).

Team around CASA PI Amir Moradi wins 1st place of the 9th German IT Security Award

ERC Advanced Grant for Gregor Leander

CASA meets Industry
Ceremony on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the HGI and the foundation of the Faculty of Computer Science at RUB
Distinguished Paper Awards for Yuval Yarom (PLDI) und für Endres Puschner, Thorben Moos, Steffen Becker, Amir Moradi and Christof Paar (IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy)

Publication of our CASA comic book about the research of Research Hub B