Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

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IT security research has made a strong contribution to protection against attackers in recent decades. We have since learned that not only a few isolated cybercriminals pose a challenge: Thanks to Edward Snowden's revelations, we know that nation-state attackers in particular, with their immense financial and technical resources, are among the greatest threats of our day. Also well-organized nowadays are the large networks of cybercriminals, creating a notable danger for the digital world.

The Cluster of Excellence CASA therefore centers on research questions for protective measures against these large-scale attackers.

CASA unites four main research areas

In Research Hub A, a team of international scientists is researching future cryptography and developing quantum-resistant approaches with provable security.

In Research Hub C, the interdisciplinary team is working on developing secure and efficient systems at the software level.  One of the methods they use to do this is machine learning.

In Research Hub B, the researchers are tackling the task of strengthening the security of embedded systems at the hardware level by investigating the interaction of security systems with their physical environment.

Research Hub D focuses on an innovative branch of research: usable security. Under the leadership of the founder of this field, the team is researching the interface between humans and technology.