Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Copyright: CASA, Fabian Riediger

Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

CASA Graduate School (CGS)

The CASA Graduate School is a central component of the early career development of all CASA doctoral researchers. It offers a training programme at the highest international level. For groundbreaking research successes, special attention is paid to training in interdisciplinary research and the development of scientific independence. This is ensured by an appropriate qualification program with different modules.

Two-Advisor Concept

All CASA doctoral researchers are accompanied by two supervisors. The second supervisor typically represents a field that is relevant for the dissertation research, yet complementary to that of the main advisor.

Cross-Disciplinary Project

In order to firmly anchor interdisciplinary research in CASA, each PhD student will work for at least six weeks in the research group of another CASA Principal Investigator. During this time, the doctoral student will work on an interdisciplinary research problem relevant to the dissertation and integrate the expertise of the CASA Principal Investigator.

CASA Retreat

The Retreat is a 2,5-day event in which all doctoral students, postdoctoral students and PIs from CASA are involved. The early career researchers present the current state of their research, the PIs discuss the results and provide suggestions for future working methods.

PhD Lecture

The PIs will develop a number of new, CASA-specific courses. The focus will be on topics in emerging research areas relevant to CASA. The courses are open to master students in order to get enthusiastic young scientists interested in CASA topics and to qualify them accordingly at an early stage. CASA will offer courses on topics that are only rarely taught, which will help to establish internationally leading M.Sc. and PhD programs.

Past and future PhD Lectures:

  • Winter Term 2019/20: Eike Kiltz, Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Summer Term 2020: Amir Moradi, Physical Attacks and Countermeasures    
  • Winter Term 2020/21: Angela Sasse, Human Aspects of Cryptography Adoption    
  • Summer Term 2021: Nils Fleischhacker, Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems    
  • Winter Term 2021/22: Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Technological Security From the Perspectives of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (by SecHuman)
  • Summer Term 2022:
    • Kevin Borgolte, Program Analysis
    • Michael Walter, Quantum Information and Computation
  • Winter Term 2022/23: Michael Walter & Giulio Malavolta, Quantum Cryptography
  • Winter Term 2023/24:
    • Michael Walter, Quantum Information and Computation & Seminar Quantum Cryptography
    • Catalin Hritcu: Foundations of Programming Languages, Verification, and Security
    • Angela Sasse: Lecture Empirical Security Research

CGS Colloquium

The CASA Graduate School Seminar will have an innovative format. The doctoral researchers will use an important overview paper from their field as a basis for their presentation. In addition to interdisciplinary training, other key goals of the seminar will be to prepare the young researchers for academic discussions and sensitize them to pedagogical aspects.


CASA doctoral researchers have the opportunity to participate in a wide number of different workshops as part of the training program. They do not only learn new techniques and methods, the focus is also on conveying central, interdisciplinary key qualifications for young researchers for the entry, research and closing phase of the dissertation. 

Here is an overview of our workshops (2020-2022):

  • Time and self management for your PhD thesis
  • Video workshops: Video seminar –hands on! ; Video Workshop by
  • Creating scientific posters effectively
  • The Art of Self-Presenting for Female Scientists
  • Hand Drawn: Visualizing Research
  • Career Planning - a profile analysis
  • Online Performance Practical Tips
  • Speed & Deep Reading
  • Science Pitch
Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Copyright: CASA, Fabian Riediger

Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Copyright: CASA, Fabian Riediger

Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Copyright: CASA, Fabian Riediger

Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Copyright: CASA, Mareen Meyer

Outgoing/Incoming CGS Visits

Visits abroad of the PhD candidates guarantee constant external impulses for CASA research. in addition the PhD students gradually expand their international network.


Summer Schools

The Summer Schools open up new fields of research for CASA doctoral students. Leading scientists from cutting-edge research are invited as speakers

RUB RS School

The RUB Research School Program offers interdisciplinary courses and workshops that are generally tailored to the needs of doctoral students. The courses offered range from general continuing education courses to courses specifically designed for CASA PhD candidates.