Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Key achievements

  1. build systems in a secure and efficient way
  2. design novel and complete mitigation chains
  3. utilize machine learning to detect unknown attacks

Research Hub C: Secure Systems

The secure systems Hub is driven by Holger Boche, Lucas Davi, Holger Dette,Sascha Fahl, Asja Fischer, Thorsten Holz, Martin Johns, Dorothea Kolossa, Christof Paar, Konrad Rieck and Jörg Schwenk.
In this Research Hub, we will  build secure systems through changes to the system’s underlying execution platform and secure programming paradigms. Moreover, we will design mitigation chains that enable a gradual adaptation of security concepts. We also utilize machine learning (ML) techniques that enable us to detect unknown attacks. In this context three Research Challenges will be tackled:

RC 8: Building Secure Systems

We will design new security testing methods to identify vulnerabilities, devising novel methods to retrofit security properties so that existing systems can tolerate runtime attacks and even cope with the presence of untrusted components.

RC 7: Security With Untrusted Components

In this Research Challenge, we will investigate how programming paradigms and changes to the system’s underlying execution platform can be used to build secure systems.

C 9: Intelligent Security Systems

CASA will develop security systems that rest on methods of machine learning. In response, CASA will be able to accelerate the construction of novel defenses based on large-scale data analysis. By utilizing machine learning techniques, we will be able to learn about novel attack tactics and adapt our defenses to new threats.

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