Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

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CASA has designated special funds for childcare. It will be offered to all CASA members after regular working hours and on the weekend, and for all CASA-related conferences and workshops. Hence, CASA will make it possible for young scientists with family responsibilities to fully participate in the scientific community. To support quick and flexible reintegration of scientists after the birth of their children, CASA will provide extra opportunities for scientists with small babies.

RUB’s Day-Care Center and ProKids Service

RUB’s own bilingual day-care center UniKids offers modern, flexible child care options. ProKids service is open to all CASA members and provides counseling on child care services and financial support opportunities. RUB allows flexible work time arrangements and tele-work for researchers, which is particularly relevant for doctoral researchers within CASA who have children at home.

Parent-Child Room

Room 0.72 in the MC building is available as a parent-child room. In addition to sufficient space for parent and child, the room offers a height-adjustable desk and a mobile children's room. The latter contains various toys as well as a play rug for the floor, and can be used as a changing table.

Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

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RUB’s Gender-Equality Measures

RUB has a host of established gender-equality measures that are geared towards Early Career researchers. The mentoring3 program promotes female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers’ scientific careers.  In order to establish a truly interdisciplinary network across all research disciplines, female scientists get together at the annual Meet the Female Faculty event, where young female scientists talk with professors from all 20 departments about various aspects of an academic career. 

Moreover, the Women Professors Forum (WPF) for female professors is part of RUB’s efforts to attract women to science, to retain womenscientists, and to promote excellent individuals to the highest level of the university.