Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Key achievements

  1. quantum-resistant cryptography
  2. cryptography with provable security against mass surveillance
  3. provable privacy for real-world protocols

Research Hub A: Future Cryptography

This hub is mainly driven by Eike Kiltz, Tanja Lange, Alex May, Dan Bernstein, Holger Boche,Gregor Leander and Christof Paar.
Our primary goal is to develop basic cryptographic solutions against large-scale adversaries.

RC 1: Cryptography Against Mass Surveillance

Large-scale adversaries may use sophisticated attack methods such as artificially weakening algorithms in standardization bodies and introducing backdoors in encryption schemes with the intention to carry out mass surveillance. Our goal is to formalize security models that defend against these novel attacks, and to develop cryptographic solutions that are provably secure in the newly developed models.

RC 2: Quantum-Resistant Cryptography

We aim to find practical encryption and signature schemes from codes/lattices that offer provable security against quantum computers.

RC 3: Foundations of Privacy

We will study novel privacy-related issues that arise if sensitive Big Data is stored in the Cloud and develop efficient cryptographic solutions for them.

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