Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

Key achievements

  1. protection against low-level trojans
  2. new building blocks based on physical-layer security
  3. devise tools that yield secure countermeasures

Research Hub B: Embedded Security

This Research Hub is mainly driven by Dan Bernstein, Tim Güneysu, Dorothea Kolossa, Amir Moradi, Christof Paar, Nikol Rummel and Aydin Sezgin. 
In the Hub, the interaction of security systems with their physical environment will be investigated.

RC 4: Platform Trojans

This Research Challenge will investigate low-level manipulations of platform Trojans. We will investigate the design space of such Trojans in order to have a sound threat assessment and to develop a new generation of countermeasures.

RC 5: Physical-Layer Security

CASA will investigate how new security primitives can be realized using information from the physical layer. Our goal is to extend the set of existing security building blocks, including functions that provide information theoretical security.

RC 6: Next-Generation Implementation Security

The overarching objective of this Research Challenge is to dramatically improve the state of the art of protection mechanisms against physical attacks. CASA will investigate how future computer hardware will influence the resistance against implementation attacks and devise new tools that yield provably-secure countermeasures.

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