CASA PI Meeyoung Cha wins Hong Jin-Ki Creator Award

Meeyoung Cha recognized for her "creative achievements in the field of science and technology".

Award ceremony Meeyoung Cha

Meeyoung Cha and the chairman of JoongAng Holdings Seok-hyun Hong at the Hong Jin-Ki Creator Award ceremony. Copyright: MPI-SP

Every year, the Hong Jin-Ki Creator Award is presented to leading figures and organizations in the fields of science and technology, social sciences, and culture and arts, for their outstanding creative achievements. This year, MPI-SP Director and CASA PI Meeyoung Cha was awarded this prize for her efforts in using computer science to make a meaningful impact on society.

In her acceptance speech, Cha expressed her vision of using data science for the benefit of the world: “I saw the potential for computer science to become an `actionable science` that contributes to society - through collaboration with experts in various academic fields.” She shares this year’s award with Hanmaeum Education Volunteer Group and Conductor Sol Chin.

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