CASA Comic: Chameleon Maggie on Expedition in the Jungle of Usability

The fourth CASA comic takes readers on an exciting journey through the research of Research Hub D of the Cluster of Excellence CASA.

Group Picture / Comic Hub D

Researchers involved in the comic. Copyright: CASA, Schwettmann

Cover / Comic Hub D

Copyright: CASA

In the midst of the jungle of the CASA universe, surrounded by exotic plants, buzzing insects, and chirping birds, chameleon Maggie struggles with the decision of which path to take after her successful graduation. She is passionate about computer science, but social inte are also important to her. Determined, she sets off to find answers and guidance in the jungle of usability.

Exploration of Research Hub D
In the fourth CASA comic, readers join Maggie on an expedition to explore Research Hub D and gain insights into the focal points and questions that scientists in the research field of “Usability” at CASA deal with on a daily basis. It becomes clear how important it is to consider IT security from various perspectives – whether from the viewpoint of users, software developers, or system administrators – to address the respective challenges in securing IT systems.The researchers appearing in the comic show how different disciplines - including psychology, social sciences and computer science - are working together to develop solutions that prioritize human factors in IT security. The presentation of various CASA research projects is complemented by real-life stories and a CASA Wiki that explains technical terms in detail.

Comic as a Guide for Readers
"Hub D and the Rumble in the Jungle of Usability" is the fourth comic in the science comic series that presents readers with the research of the Cluster of Excellence CASA and its four hubs in an exceptional way. "Our goal is to draw attention to the fact that the often contradictory approaches of usability and security can be unified through exciting research involving end-users and software developers," explains Alena Naiakshina, Professor for Developer-Centred Security at Ruhr University Bochum. M. Angela Sasse, Leader of Hub D and Professor for Human-Centred Security, also emphasizes the relevance of the comic: "Cybersecurity appears to most non-experts as an impenetrable jungle of jargon and complex instructions. The comic shows how our research helps develop simple and effective solutions."

All comics are initially published in English and require some technical background knowledge. They are available to interested readers both digitally and in print.

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