Common Randomness Generation from Gaussian Sources


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Holger Boche Christian Deppe Rami Ezzine Wafa Labidi

Research Hub

Research Hub A: Kryptographie der Zukunft
Research Hub B: Eingebettete Sicherheit

Research Challenges

RC 2: Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
RC 5: Physical-Layer Security


We study the problem of common randomness (CR) generation in the basic two-party communication setting in which the sender and the receiver aim to agree on a common random variable with high probability by observing independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) samples of correlated Gaussian sources and while communicating as little as possible over a noisy memoryless channel. We completely solve the problem by giving a single-letter characterization of the CR capacity for the proposed model and by providing rigorous proof of it We prove that the CR capacity is infinite when the Gaussian sources are perfectly correlated.


Coding Theory
Complexity Theory
Information Theory
Implementation Attacks
Post-Quantum Cryptography