Quantum Quest 2023: Record Participation in Quantum Computing Course

This year's edition of the quantum computer course has motivated more students than ever to participate.

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Students Acquire a Fundamental Understanding of Quantum Informatics
The quantum computer is a computer of the future. Instead of working with bits that have two states (0 and 1), quantum computers use quantum bits, which can exist in an infinite number of possible states. This allows them to solve complex problems much faster than conventional computers. Researchers at universities, research institutes, and in the industry are working on the development of these fascinating machines. Currently, students are exploring how they function and can be programmed within the online course "Quantum Quest," organized this year by Ruhr University Bochum and the Cluster of Excellence "CASA – Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries" in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and its QuSoft Center.

Record Participation With 289 Students From Around the World
In the years 2018, 2020, and 2021, the online course already inspired numerous students to delve into the mathematics behind quantum computers. This year, the course started with the highest number of participants to date: 289 students from over 100 different schools worldwide enrolled in the 5-week course. Among them are eight school classes participating as part of their regular curriculum. Even university students are involved, resulting in an age range from 14 to 24 years.

Virtual Kick-off for the Journey Into the World of Qubits
For the official kick-off on October 30, participants gathered on Zoom. In addition to helpful tips for the course, they could test their existing knowledge of quantum computers in a pub quiz. Now, they anticipate five challenging weeks delving into the world of quantum informatics. Divided into different "houses" (similar to the Harry Potter series), they will learn more about qubits, the operations that can be performed with them, and how they can be used for extraordinary applications such as teleportation and superdense coding. The exchange takes place on the Discord platform. After successfully completing all quests, the course will conclude with a celebration on December 15.

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