Prof. Thorsten Holz wins Intel's "Outstanding Researcher Award" 2019

Holz was one of seven researchers worldwide to receive this award for his research on "Collaborative and Resilient Autonomous Systems".

Copyright: RUB, Kramer

With his research on "Collaborative and Resilient Autonomous Systems" Prof. Thorsten Holz has won Intel's Outstanding Researcher Award 2019. According to the technology group, this award honors "the exceptional contributions made by Intel university-sponsored research". (Link)

The criteria would include various aspects such as "fundamental insights, technical difficulty, effective collaboration, potential student hiring and industry relevance particularly to Intel".

Compliance of autonomous systems with ethical standards

The project "Collaborative and Resilient Autonomous Systems" deals with the analysis of safety of collaborative systems within industrial automation. Examples are drones or self-driving vehicles, which might have a high significance in our future everyday life. In collaboration with Intel, the researchers are investigating, among other things, how these systems can be technically integrated into society in accordance with ethical standards.

More information about the project can be found here.


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