5000 € for e-Hacking Platform

In the 29th 5x5000 competition of the RUB e-learning team, Dr. Vladislav Mladenov and Dr. Christian Mainka convinced with their idea.

Photo Vladislav Mladenov and Christian Mainka

Copyright: RUBeL-Team

How can students experience the practical use of hacking attacks? Dr. Vladislav Mladenov and Dr. Christian Mainka, both Associated PI in the Cluster of Excellence CASA, have developed an innovative teaching project and received 5000 euros in support for their success in the 5x5000 competition of the RUB e-learning team. In total, five learning projects from different disciplines were awarded, which unite the teaching of specialized knowledge with digital methods.

The winning project of the IT researchers is the platform "e-Hacking", which allows students to test the practical experience of hacking attacks. In the “Message-Level Security” course, the platform serves as a didactic platform: First, theoretical knowledge about the security of data formats on the web, authentication and authorization protocols, and document formats is taught in a lecture and illustrated with practical examples. In the exercises that follow, students then apply the knowledge they have gained in practice by solving tasks using the e-Hacking platform and trying out different ways of solving problems.

The lecture can be listened online as a recording or attended in the auditorium. In addition, the e-Hacking platform is available as download. The teaching project is thus based on a flexible and location-independent learning and teaching approach and provides valuable practical experience with hacking attacks.

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