Dan J. Bernstein (University of Chicago)

"Sorting integer arrays: security, speed, and verification"

Copyright: Dan J. Bernstein

Abstract. This talk will explain (1) the security concept of "constant-time" software; (2) how to build constant-time software to sort arrays of integers; (3) how to make constant-time sorting software run so quickly that it beats Intel's "Integrated Performance Primitives" library; and (4) how to automatically verify that the resulting software works correctly for all possible inputs.

Biography. Daniel J. Bernstein is the designer of the "tinydns" software used by Facebook to publish server addresses, the "ChaCha20" cipher used in the Wireguard VPN, the "dnscache" software used by Cisco's OpenDNS to handle 175 billion address requests per day from 90 million Internet users, the "SipHash" hash function (co-designed with Jean-Philippe Aumasson) used by Python to protect against hash-flooding attacks, and the "Curve25519" public-key system used by WhatsApp for end-to-end encryption. Cryptographic algorithms designed by Bernstein are used by default in Apple's iOS, Google's Chrome browser, Android, etc., encrypting data for billions of users.