Thorben Moos

Institution: CASA – Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

E-Mail: Thorben.​Moos@​rub.​de

Adresse: ID 2/621


The Risk of Outsourcing: Hidden SCA Trojans in Third-Party IP-Cores Threaten Cryptographic ICs Exploring the Effect of Device Aging on Static Power Analysis Attacks Glitch-Resistant Masking Revisited Static Power SCA of Sub-100 nm CMOS ASICs and the Insecurity of Masking Schemes in Low-Noise Environments Beware of Insufficient Redundancy: An Experimental Evaluation of Code-based FI Countermeasures Red Team vs. Blue Team: A Real-World Hardware Trojan Detection Case Study Across Four Modern CMOS Technology Generations PRINCEv2 - More Security for (Almost) No Overhead Combined Private Circuits - Combined Security Refurbished The SPEEDY Family of Block Ciphers - Engineering an Ultra Low-Latency Cipher from Gate Level for Secure Processor Architectures Side-Channel Hardware Trojan for Provably-Secure SCA-Protected Implementations Static Power Side-Channel Analysis – An Investigation of Measurement Factors Unrolled Cryptography on Silicon - A Physical Security Analysis Let’s Take it Offline: Boosting Brute-Force Attacks on iPhone's User Authentication through SCA DL-LA: Deep Learning Leakage Assessment - A modern roadmap for SCA evaluations Countermeasures against Static Power Attacks – Comparing Exhaustive Logic Balancing and Other Protection Schemes in 28 nm CMOS