Christof Paar

Christof Paar

Institution: Ruhr-Universität Bochum / CASA / Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy

Research Hub(s):

Hub A: Kryptographie der Zukunft
Hub B: Eingebettete Sicherheit



Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Wireless Key Generation for Low-Entropy Environments A survey of algorithmic methods in IC reverse engineering On the Design and Misuse of Microcoded (Embedded) Processors — A Cautionary Note Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Wireless Environment Reconfiguration Attacks Based on Fast Software-Controlled Surfaces LifeLine for FPGA Protection: Obfuscated Cryptography for Real-World Security Anti-Tamper Radio: System-Level Tamper Detection for Computing Systems Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface for Physical Layer Key Generation: Constructive or Destructive? Analog Physical-Layer Relay Attacks with Application to Bluetooth and Phase-Based Ranging How Not to Protect Your IP - An Industry-Wide Break of IEEE 1735 Implementations Keys from the Sky: A First Exploration of Physical-Layer Security Using Satellite Links The Unpatchable Silicon: A Full Break of the Bitstream Encryption of Xilinx 7-Series FPGAs Side-Channel Hardware Trojan for Provably-Secure SCA-Protected Implementations DANA Universal Dataflow Analysis for Gate-Level Netlist Reverse Engineering IRShield: A Countermeasure Against Adversarial Physical-Layer Wireless Sensing The Anatomy of Hardware Reverse Engineering: An Exploration of Human Factors during Problem Solving Red Team vs. Blue Team: A Real-World Hardware Trojan Detection Case Study Across Four Modern CMOS Technology Generations A Cautionary Note on Protecting Xilinx' UltraScale(+) Bitstream Encryption and Authentication Engine An Exploratory Study of Hardware Reverse Engineering — Technical and Cognitive Processes