Security Analysis of the 3MF Data Format


Conference / Medium


Juraj Somorovsky Jost Rossel Vladislav Mladenov

Research Hub

Research Hub C: Sichere Systeme

Research Challenges

RC 7: Building Secure Systems


3D printing is a well-established technology with rapidly increasing usage scenarios both in the industry and consumer context. The growing popularity of 3D printing has also attracted security researchers, who have analyzed possibilities for weakening 3D models or stealing intellectual property from 3D models. We extend these important aspects and provide the first comprehensive security analysis of 3D printing data formats. We performed our systematic study on the example of the 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF), which offers a large variety of features that could lead to critical attacks. Based on 3MF’s features, we systematized three attack goals: Data Exfiltration (dex), Denial of Service, and UI Spoofing (uis). We achieve these goals by exploiting the complexity of 3MF, which is based on the Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) format and uses XML to define 3D models. In total, our analysis led to 352 tests. To create and run these tests automatically, we implemented an open-source tool named 3MF Analyzer (tool), which helped us evaluate 20 applications.


Web Security