Three teams with CASA-Scientists in 2. round of the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Competition

The competition aims to find new lightweight cryptographic standards.

Copyright: Tippapatt/ Fotolia

Three teams (SKINNY-AEAD, Spook, SPARKLE) with CASA-researchers made progress in the competition of the US standardization authority NIST for so-called lightweight cryptography. Among them are Prof. Gregor Leander, Dr. Amir Moradi, Christof Beierle and Friedrich Wiemer.

The competition aims to set up a new standardization of algorithms for lightweight cryptography, as the performance of current NIST standards in this area is no longer sufficient. "Lightweight cryptography" is required for modern devices that have a restrained environment but are interconnected (sensor networks, healthcare, distributed control systems, the Internet of Things, cyber physical systems). Most current cryptographic algorithms are designed for desktop/server environments.

The second round of the competition is expected to last twelve months. More information can be found here.


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