Equal Opportunities in CASA - A successful kick-off

2019 was a good start for the equal opportunities in CASA.

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Enabling Equal Opportunities is an integral part of our Cluster of Excellence. That’s why we’re particularly proud that we were able to provide special support for female researchers in our first year.
This includes for example sponsoring for participation in this year's Chaos Computer Club Congress (36c3), which enabled ten candidates to take part, and sponsoring for the visit of five female researchers to the International Workshop on Cryptography, Robustness, and Provably Secure Schemes for Female Young Researchers (CrossFyre).

Next year, we will even expand our targeted measures to promote equal opportunities in IT security We remain fully committed to supporting successful careers of women in IT Security. 

If you have any questions about equal opportunities, please contact Linda Schwarzl, she will be happy to help you.


General note: In case of using gender-assigning attributes we include all those who consider themselves in this gender regardless of their own biological sex.