CASA PIs as Experts in Arte Documentary on Cybersecurity

The program is still available online.


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What is the current state of cybersecurity and research in Germany and France? This question is addressed in the comprehensive documentary “The Invisible War - Attacks from the Net“ (04.05.) by the German-French broadcaster Arte, which also features interviews with CASA scientists.

Among them are CASA spokespersons Christof Paar and Eike Kiltz, as well as CASA PI Peter Schwabe. Christof Paar explains the challenges of securing hardware components such as chips. “If malicious changes have occurred in the nanometer range, they are naturally difficult to verify, and that is the great potential danger,“ he says in the interview starting at minute 31:30.

Eike Kiltz and Peter Schwabe provide insights on quantum-secure encryption methods. In their speech (starting around min 43), they discuss their algorithm for the NIST standardization process, where three out of four final standards come from Bochum, and comment on the general relevance of secure encryption methods.

The documentary can be viewed on until October 30, 2026.

Der unsichtbare Krieg - Angriff aus dem Netz - Die ganze Doku | ARTE

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