Andreas Huelsing (Eindhoven University of Technology)

"From hash-function security in a post-quantum world to SPHINCS+"

Copyright: Andreas Huelsing

Abstract. In this talk, I will discuss the security and applications of cryptographic hash-functions in a post-quantum world. In the first half of the talk I will focus on security properties. Taking adversaries with quantum-computing abilities into account has an influence on security models and requires to re-access security against generic attacks. On the other hand, new applications of cryptographic hash-functions require new security properties. I will discuss some such new properties and models. Afterwards, I will move on to applications and present the stateless hash-based signature proposal SPHINCS+ which is a contender in the 2nd round of the NIST PQC competition.  I will cover new results on the security of SPHINCS+ and its performance.

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