A General Formula for Uniform Common Randomness Capacity


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Holger Boche Christian Deppe Moritz Wiese Rami Ezzine

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Research Hub A: Kryptographie der Zukunft

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RC 2: Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
RC 5: Physical-Layer Security


We generalize the uniform common randomness capacity formula, initially established by Ahslwede and Csiszár for a two-source model for common randomness generation from independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) discrete sources with unidirectional communication over rate-limited discrete noiseless channels to the case when the one-way communication is over arbitrary single-user channels. In our proof, we will make use of the transmission capacity formula established by Verdú and Han for arbitrary point-to-point channels.


Coding Theory
Complexity Theory
Information Theory
Implementation Attacks
Post-Quantum Cryptography